About the ISAK centre
The ISAK centre, which comes under the Culture Department of Trondheim Local Authority, is a cultural centre for young people who want to perform, create or experience culture. Here you will find facilities, expertise, equipment and partners you can work with, and you will be able to get help in realizing the most incredible ideas.
The main target group is young people from 16 to 25 years of age, but the facilities can be used by everyone. You are more than welcome to come to the centre if you need something to do or somewhere to be.
The ISAK centre has lots of room in one of the stylish town houses connected to the wharves. The centre has a labyrinth of rooms and floors which provide facilities for most cultural activities. In the middle of the centre is the café, Coffee Annan, the heart of the house. Eleven enterprises also have their offices in the ISAK centre.
The people actually using ISAK at any point in time are the ones who determine what goes on: Young people arrange performances or concerts, artists have exhibitions, groups arrange courses or meetings – this and more creates a wonderful mix of culture and organization activities that make ISAK an exciting and diverse centre.
The ISAK centre is a substance-free environment.


You can take part in all sorts of cultural activities at the ISAK centre. We have stages and rehearsal areas for theatre, music, dance, arts and more.

We also have five sound studios with professional software and hardware if you want to program or record music. You can watch a film you have made or other films in the film theatre.

If you want, you can to learn about planning and producing events. 

Using or renting rooms
You can use rooms at the ISAK centre for free if you are a young person in the target group (16-25) when the purpose is non-commercial cultural activities.
For adults, organizations or anyone charging admission fees, the prices in the price list apply.
50 per cent student discount for students.
10 per cent discount for long-term rental (more than ten weeks/days).
The discounts only apply to the facilities – no discount is given for personnel expenses.

Contact us:
Tel.: 72 54 62 00
email: post@https://isak.no