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Mexican Movie Festival: Magda o el pueblo de los pescados and Campo 9

20. november 2017 @ 19:0020:00

The Mexican community of Trondheim is organizing the screening of two documentaries Campo 9 and Magda o el pueblo de los pescados as part of a Mexican Movie Festival. The festival has the goal to collect funds for the reconstruction of Mexico after the Earthquakes. All the funds will be allocated to the Ambulante fund to help in the reconstruction of Mexico.

For more information about the receiving NGO visit this link: The entry fee is 60 NOK but higher payments are also well received.

Campo 9 English subtitles
Carlos R. Rivero Uicab | México | 2013 | 24min
Carlos, the director of the documentary, has worked for four years with Abraham’s family, a Mennonite who has lived in the region for over a decade. He mainly worked cutting down trees to produce charcoal. The Mayan community doesn’t agree with tree felling, and finally put a stop to it. But the Mennonites were apprehensive and their children were afraid of the Mayans, just as the Mennonites frightened the Mayans. Today, these two very different cultures live in peace. This documentary relays the relationship between them and portrays the Mennonites’ way of life from the point of view of a Mayan director.

Film trailer

Magda o el pueblo de los pescados English subtitles
Dahlia Sosa Hernández, Xareni Zafra | México | 2017 | 30 min.
Magda, a 23-year-old midwife trainee, receives in her mission the mission of helping to combat the violence that surrounds the women of her town, San Mateo del Mar, a fishing community.

Film trailer


20. november 2017
19:00 – 20:00